Catering Kitchen Connections

Benefits of a CKC Membership

Benefits of the Catering Kitchen Connections Program

Our primary objective is to help entreprenuers realize their dream of a sustanable business. We work with caterers to help them develop a strategy, marketing plan, and goals to help them reach a two year sustainability plan. Below is a quick outline of our program and the services offered.

Business Plan

We will help you develop a business plan that meets your objectives with a two year plan for stability and profitability.

Kitchen Leasing Program

We will partner you with a kitchen in our leasing program that will provide you with access to the tools needed to succeed.

Marketing Center Resources

You will have access to our online marketing resource center. This includes all the forms you will need for your business.

Logo & Website

We will design a professional logo and website for your business that will help you market your catering services.

National Catering Platform

You will be part of a national catering program that will allow people to find your services online.

Job Board

Our job board will help you find the people you need for jobs when you need them. Professionals with the background and skills to complete any job.

Buying Network

You will have acccess to our buying network that will help you save money on business products and services.

Catering Equipment Discounts

You will receive catering equipment discounts from large national brands. This is part of the power of our buying network.


You will also have access to insurance agents that will provide the best rates and coverage for your liability needs.